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Polymers encompass a broad class of both natural and synthetic compounds. These materials have a wide range of properties and are used in industry to make thousands of products that we all use today.

Polymer testing services are used for everything from Quality Control & Assurance and Contamination Analysis to Material Selection and Failure Analysis.  One of the leading providers of polymer testing services to customers from across the globe is the Polymer Science Division at EMSL Analytical, Inc.

EMSL’s experienced staff of PhD scientists, technical professionals and their continuously expanding roster of analytical instrumentation are increasingly called upon by industry to solve problems, answer questions and respond to a wide spectrum of challenges.

The Polymer Science Division routinely tests a diverse field of polymers ranging from plastics and rubber to adhesives and biomaterials.  EMSL’s polymer testing services provide scientific answers to clients’ complex problems. 

With over 30 years of experience, no project is too big or small for EMSL’s Polymer Science Division.